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N.V. Bekaert S.A. (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with headquarters in Belgium, employing 28,000 people worldwide. Its primary business is steel wire transformation and coatings. Operating in 45 countries, Bekaert generated combined sales of €5.1 billion in 2019.


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Current Employee - Designer says

"remote locations, no growth, no structured work"

Former Employee - Crane Operator says

"Very bias company, needs diversity."

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"Management does not follow procedure unless it benefits them."

Former Employee - Assistant Operator says

"Almost everything was a con except my coworkers. Really good people. They were a great group to work with. See ya bye."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company has a huge turnover."

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Literally everything. Micromanaging 24/7. Treat the employees like dirty ragdolls. Can't leave the property which means no smoke breaks in order to calm down from all of their incessant belittlenent. Also misogynistic. Can't keep customers or steady work orders."

NONE says

"To much stress for nothing. Low paying Management out of touch No Local HR"


"No direction or senior leadership"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Upper management is the worse I have ever seen. Lots of favoritism and employees are treated horrible only reason they stay is the pay."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Golden boy club. Management interprets policy any way they want."

Assist setting (Former Employee) says

"Worked for the company for nearly four years and was bullied by quite a lot of employees with power. When this was reported it was just brushed under the carpet and nothing was done. An apprentice was threatened at one point buy a much older employee. This man was suspended then cleared and given a promotion. You will not get anywhere if face doesn’t fit. Made my life miserable.Non at allBullying, Dreadful culture, genuinely not a nice place to work."

Mill Operator (Former Employee) says

"Discrimination Human resources terrible for employees Does no comply with safety standards Does not understand FMLA Management and Salary positions always over hourly workers"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They like you at first as long as you bow down an let them walk over you they have there favorite people if you work hard an bust your butt everyday they fire you they wont people who will be snitches an liers"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"They tell you what they wont to hear but whole time stabbing you in the back,run away from bekaert in Roger's Arkansas they have a policy no felons are people who have been in prison can work there but that's a lie they have one there who is a child ...... will find anything to get you fired yeah run run far away from this pit of lies an scabs,management is the worse they dont care about you at all only getting those spools outNothingEverything"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you quit, the leadership team has a game they play. More than likely you will be sued. Its been known that they laugh about whose life is being destroyed by this legal tactic.NonePlenty"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"they don't care for the employee. they will take care of their team leaders first. they treat tree employees like dirt. or as the plant manager says "over paid monkeys". I was there for almost 5 years and aside from the people there, the work is terrible, poor air quality and heat in the summer is unbearable. heaven forbid you sit down and take a break in a small air conditioned room with cameras watching constantly. bonuses are a joke."

Helper Heat Treat Line (Former Employee) says

"I worked VERY BRIEFLY at Bekaert in Orrville, Ohio. The pay is very low, the working conditions are horrible, it’s cut throat City with fellow employees and they are scared to death of a union. I wouldn’t even recommend this place to my ex-wife’s significant other. Yes, it’s that bad.Day one when it was done.Everything about being there."

Production member. (Former Employee) says

"This company at this location is not union. 12 hour shifts working 6 weeks of days and 6 weeks of nights; your body never adjusts. Work life balance is non-existant, starting pay has not increased in years, pay raises are rare. Job is hot dirty and strenuous, less than minimal staff for such a large operation. Management sits in the A/C and will come out to berate you for not meeting herculean goals. Just stay away, you'll just waste your time and put your personal life in jeopardy.NoneCrazy shifts, low pay"

Drawing Operator (Former Employee) says

"These people judge you the second they look at you. Extremely unprofessional all the way around. Waiste of time. Very clicky and uncultured environment do not waiste your time. Especially if your a minority. Never been to such an unprofessional environment couldn't get my name right, and had no idea what they wanted to ask me. Would've want to work here if they did hire me. Even though what I do now is probably more money Amy's."

Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Scrolling through jobs and saw Bekaert is hiring a Logistics Administrator in Rogers, Arkansas. If I can help anyone to avoid this, that will be a huge step for mankind. Run, don't walk away from this position! I worked there several years ago as a Logistics Administrator. Horrible management! Know they are working behind your back to build a case against you instead of trying to work with you. The worst training program I've ever been involved with. I was NOT qualified for the position (I didn't know this on the onset) and there was no one to help when questions were asked. Sink or swim. Glad I sank - that was a hidden blessing. Office was dirty. Avoid this position. BEKAERT IS ONE BIG SNAKE PIT!!!!!The whole picture, poor management - especially in Supply Chain"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Micromanaging at it's finest. Treats employees like dirt and expects them to smile and be thankful about it. Completely incompetent and uncaring. Severe devide on the management and staff level. No communication whatsoever. The people only stay there because the job pays well and they feel like their trapped there because of it. The light is definitely blown out in the workers eyes.. like manufacturing broken down zombies just waiting for pay day. Would not recommend.Pay is good but definitely not worth it with the stress you have to deal withEverything"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Supervisor smells of alcohol. When reported to upper management, it gets brushed under the table because he has 30 plus years of employment. We as employees make it through the shift because we bind together"

Production technician (Current Employee) says

"Expected to do the work of 3 people by yourself and when it's not achievable you get written up even when you're giving your best effort at 110%. Also when you get hurt on the job trying to do the work of 3 they make up their own rules so you can't get workmans comp.There is none. This place sucks12 hour swing shifts every 6 weeks, Poor Management, production workers berated constantly, poor work ethics, not a team oriented environment, not paid enough for the stress put on you from an unorganized office personnel."

Chief (Current Employee) says

"The Management has created chaos for the past 2 years with no end in sight. The company is making money despite management not because of it. Lack of respect for the good people working the lines who are actually the ones keeping the company from going under.Operators are nice and knowledgableManagement's Chaos style of "management""

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Terrible mgmt has destroyed us. They have managed to shut down 1/2 of factory and are laying off over 50 people. They will not invest money needed to fix problems. I am not sure how long we will survive."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"this company is not manage well to many chiefs and not enough employees there was always plenty work just not enough people that was able to complete the job.good benifetspoor managment"

Gaucho operator (Current Employee) says

"It’s hot management is terrible morale is low from managers always pushing and no employees ever get told good job that is why I think it’s a terrible place to work"

Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"This company doesn't care about how hard you work. It's all about who you know. Be careful of what you you say because it may be somebody's kin folk that your talking to. You can work yourself to death covering shifts and going from nights to day to help your Dept. Out and never be appreciated. If offered a job with this company do yourself a favor and pass"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"It goes down a lil futher every day many people leaving. People are mistreated threatin very hostle enviroment I have no desire to be some were like there18.75 hr.ruins lifestyle"

Regional Sourcing Manger (Former Employee) says

"No loyalty to employees. Culture is very clicky, if not in the click you are an outsider. Not all plants are the same, some are better than others depending on the plant manager."

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